The Pines of Peace Basement is looking mighty fine thanks to all of the hard work by the Town of Ontario Rotary!  Members began the project back in June of this past summer.  As can happen with many home projects, this one morphed into a major renovation:  demolition of walls; flooring and wall abatement; removal of one very heavy wood stove; new flooring; new walls; new paint; new trim; new ceiling tiles!  The project began as a ‘refresh’ and ended with many people working many long hours to get it done!  We can’t begin to thank Carl Grovanz and the rest of the Rotary for their perseverance and dedication to see the work through to the end!  Now, it’s a beautiful space where meetings can be held and volunteers can work.  It fairly sparkles!  The Pines of Peace thrives because of the support of the community.  We are truly neighbors helping neighbors in all ways!