The Pines of Peace has been steadily moving toward opening so that we can serve the community. We are mindful that we must open when the time is reasonable and prudent. We have been updating many aspects of the Pines: from safety protocols and procedures to a thorough review of everything within the house to the hiring of new personnel! There will be staff and volunteers returning when we re-open, and sadly, there will be some faces that have decided to ‘move on’ – especially in the context of the new times we find ourselves in. Bonnie Doyle, Cheryl Engle, and Vicki LaRocque, our long-standing nurses that have provided a bedrock of love, expertise, and care here at the Pines are either retiring from the Pines or reducing their roles. The outstanding level of service to the Pines of Peace, and by extension our entire community, will be forever appreciated. This past September we held a ‘socially distant’ gathering to celebrate them and get our staff together, after the long spring and summer separated.

We had intended to re-open in early January, but with the predicted coming surge, have delayed that timeline. Our Board of Directors will meet again in January and assess when it will be prudent to once again open our doors – hopefully soon after that. In the meantime, we continue to hold fund raisers – like our ‘Pies for the Pines’- to make up for income lost this year. The Pines of Peace is a concept of ‘neighbors helping neighbors’ and we have so appreciated the sustained support of the community we serve. We continue to prepare for opening our doors again to care for those nearing the end of their earthly lives. The times continue to challenge all of us, but there is light on the horizon. I am wishing you all health and joy this holiday season.